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Students in our Grade 6 Part-Time School attend the College 1 Full Day per week. Students in our part-time program will undertake a range of transitional classes during the full-time academic block that will focus on building skill sets required for Grade 7 at our College.

  • Our Part-Time Students will learn:

  • Study of basic English & Maths Foundation Skills

  • Set up of Grade 7 English & Maths skills sets

  • Study of Good Time Management Skills

  • Study of Computer Skills (IE: Microsoft Office).

  • How to Write and Respond to emails.

  • Online Etiquette in Classes

  • Living and representing the college values

  • Goal Setting


Students in our Grade 6 Full-Time School attend the college 5 days a week as their main school.
They will study a range of subjects through CSDE as a full workload completing their Grade 6 Education.

Full-Time Students will also undertake the same transitional classes with the Part-Time Students.

Full-Time Students will study:

  • Math

  • English

  • Science

  • Humanities

  • Physical Education Term 2 Healthy Habits | Term 4 Transitional

  • Digital Arts (Semester 1) Term 1 Amazing Games

  • The Arts (Semester 2) Term 3 Drama & Media | Term 4 Dance

  • Language


Full-Time students will have study a range of performing arts classes and workshops, participating in most of the normal college classes depending on their academic schedule. 

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