The wearing of uniforms is compulsory at HBPAC. Students are required to purchase a formal school uniform, which is to be worn within academic classes and a PA uniform for performing arts classes.

We aim to provide a stylish uniform that ensures students look smart and promotes self-discipline, unity and equality for students at the college.

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Students School Uniform consists of the following:

• White Short Sleeve Blouse with Hervey Bay Performing Arts College Embroidered

• Black Pleated Skirt (to be no shorter than 4cm above the knee)
• School Zipper Tie (Red)
• School Badge (worn when applicable)
• White Low Cut Ankle Socks OR Black Legging (with socks)
• Black Leather Lace Up Shoes
• Formal Pullover Jacket (Grades 7-9, seniors with blazer if needed)
• School Blazer (Grades 10-12)
• HBPAC Winter Hoodie (Grades 7-9 permission if needed on cold days from Week 5 Term 2 - Week 5 Term 3)

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